Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Top 8 Benefits of Organic Skincare: KPS Products

By: Mary Ofoli, Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Esthetician 

Have you treated yourself to a KPS Facial yet?

When you experience a KPS facial, you’ll know instantly the ingredients are different.

Below are some of the amazing qualities of KPS products and ingredients:

1.     Our products are made up of 100% food grade organic ingredients.

2.     Ingredients are sourced from sustainable, clean and environmentally conscious suppliers.

3.     Every ingredient is clinically tested for purity and authenticity before it’s used to create your performance based organic skin care product.

4.     Our products are not tested on animals.

5.     Our oils are infused with nutrient rich herbs known for their skin healing properties. This process is also known as Botanical Infusion.

6.     The essential oils are unique: The quality and quantity of the compounds in them are selected based on how they can help the skin — they are pedigreed.

7.     KPS Essentials offers exclusive DermaNu Technology. It covers multiple technologies for your skin with the following distinct functions:
  •     Hydration
  •     Volume
  •     Collagen
  •     Growth
  •     Hyper-pigmentation
  •     Acne

8.     Our products are clinically validated to boost hydration, collagen and volume.

Contact us today to see these amazing benefits for yourself in one of our relaxing facials!

Mary Ofoli
Reiki Practitioner, Licensed Esthetician
Mary has served as a bodyworker since 1990, a 3rd Degree Reiki practitioner since 2002, and a licensed esthetician and instructor since 2004. She thus brings a unique blend of skills to enhance the experience of each of her guests. She combines her knowledge and training in areas such as aromatherapy, lymphatic, energy work, massage, and pressure points, with a goal of bringing each guest to a high level of relaxation and balance. She believes that when stress is addressed in a preventative fashion and on a continuous basis, it helps the body train itself to better handle the ups and downs of our modern society. Mary is driven by a model of excellence, where each guest feels nurtured, respected, and valued. She is greatly inspired by the famous statement of Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”